University of California Berkeley

Beginning in 1995, Joe Evanisko conducted fiction workshops and evaluated manuscripts through an online program at the University of California Berkeley Extension. He enjoyed working with other writers, and after several years of teaching his program director formally noted that Joe “is one of the most sensitive, thoughtful, and conscientious instructors I’ve worked with in nearly twenty years of academic program administration.” Joe’s passion for teaching was rewarded by the Academic Policy Committee in 2002 when he received the Honored Instructor Award for long-term excellence in teaching. The acting dean, George DePuy wrote that Joe is “one of our most highly respected instructors, praised by students and staff alike for your sensitivity, kindness, attention to detail, and exemplary teaching.” In 2009, Joe stepped away from his work with UC Berkeley Extension so that he could devote more time to his own writing. He plans to return to teaching after he completes his current novel, We Might Could. In the meantime, Joe continues to work with fiction writers in private consultation. Please contact Joe at [email protected].